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G6PD deficiency and Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in 9 years old male child
We managed a case of 9 yrs old child suffering from recurrent calculus Cholecystitis along with G6PD deficiency, with all due precautions we managed to operate laparoscopic cholecystectomy avoiding all the drugs which can cause haemolysis & bleeding. The major threat is patient may have massive haemolytic reactions and may lead to AKI.
We have used 3 mm and 5 mm ports for laparoscopic cholecystectomy and scope insertion to scope out time was 17 minutes. Patient discharged after 72 hrs.The most effective management strategy is to prevent hemolysis by avoiding oxidative stressors. Thus, management for pain and anxiety should include medications that are safe and have not been shown to cause hemolytic crises. 5 particular recommendations: (1) Anyone suspected of G6PD deficiency should be screened; (2) exposure to oxidative stressors in these individuals should be avoided; (3) these patients should be informed of risks along with signs and symptoms of an acute hemolytic crisis; (4) the clinician should be able to identify both laboratory and clinical signs of hemolysis; and finally, (5) if an acute hemolytic crisis is identified, the patient should be admitted for close observation and care.

Mr.Ajay Alexander, a 57 yrs old gentleman from Udaipur weighing 173 kgs with Peridiabetic status along with Hypertension,Extensive Bilateral Lower Limb Cellulities.Hyperlipidimia,Sleep Apnoea, Cholelithiasis & many more comorbidities underwent Laparoscopic MGB + Cholecystectomy at Shantiraj Hospital Pvt Ltd. on 14/07/2019. He lost 7 kgs by the time he got discharged and post 1 year from surgery he lost a massive 91 kgs. This was a very challenging case as the BMI was very high and aenesthesia and surgical risk were upmost. But we are very glad and relieved that we could bring happiness to another face!

Meet Mr. Sharma who is happy to lose around 17 kgs in a 3 month period to weigh 81 kg. This weight loss happened through the Bariatric procedure called Intragastric baloon done by Dr. Sapan Jain. Dr. Sapan’s team of nutritionists and dieticians ensured that Mr. Sharma remained on a healthy diet post the procedure as well to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Mr. Sharma is happy that now he can play various sports and can buy clothes of his size easily.

Transformation at its best Inspite of #2020 being indoors for every one of us, my favourite patient from #Jaipur !
#Krishna Devotee, Ever Smiling Gave complete justice to #Bariatric Surgery by following all instructions, Diet protocols, & Exercises!!! #LOST 70 kgs in a year!
She was weighing 125 kgs and she lost around 70 kgs in last one year, and reached to 55 kgs from 125 kgs!! Now she is free from #Diabetes and box full of medicines which she was taking for her #comorbidities!

Ms. Madhuri Vaishnav from Udaipur successfully lost 42 kgs post bariatrics surgery done at Shantiraj Hospital, Udaipur.

chandresh jain

Mr. Chandresh Jain from Indore lost 18 kgs through intra gastric balloon procedure done by Dr. Sapan Jain at Shantiraj Hospital, Udaipur

Mrs. Heera Purohit lost a whopping 39kgs to get into an active lifestyle. She is very happy with the bariatric surgery done by Dr. Jain and the care given at Shantiraj Hospital.

Pravin Jain & Leela Jain from Udaipur and Seema Sheikh from Dubai are other few happy bariatric patients who lost significant weight through bariatric surgery done at Shantiraj Hospital

Bariatric Surgery not only helps in losing weight but also help in significantly reducing hypertension, hypothyroid and osteoarthritis. Ms Bashiram Begum lost a massive 40 kgs post the bariatric surgery in addition to becoming totally free from hypertension, hypothyroid and significant relief in osteoarthritis.

Dr. Sapan Jain performed Intragastric Balloon Procedure for Weight Loss on 19/06/2018 for Ms.Jennifer Boecher Lee from US. She was weighing 94 kgs with BMI of 33.5 and has strong family history of Obesity!!!

Procedure was performed at Fortis JK Hospital, and team included our esteemed Aenesthetist Dr Tarun Bhatnagar which helped Dr. Jain to complete the procedure in just 20 mins
Ms Jennifer already lost 4 kgs in 5 days. Dr. Sapan Jain expect her to lose another 20 kgs in coming year!!

Intragastric ballon placement is a weight loss procedure where a deflated baloon is placed in the stomach through endoscopy and then filling it to decrease the amount of intragastric space. This gastric balloon aims to reduce feeling of hunger and helps to feel fullness of stomach. Checkout this video by Dr. Sapn Jain where he explains the procedure.

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