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Cancer Surgery

Shantiraj Hospitals takes pride in being one of the best hospitals for cancer surgery in Udaipur. Our team of experienced cancer surgeons, under the leadership of Senior Cancer Surgeon Dr. Ashok Jain, offers the best treatment to cancer patients with utmost care and support. We have our expertise in cancer surgery for: 

  • Breast Cancer Surgery

Breast cancer surgery is vital to treat breast cancer. The surgery involves removing cancer with an operation. It can be performed alone or combined with other treatments, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or radiation therapy.

  • Head and Neck Cancer Surgery

Cancers related to the head and neck can be cured the best, especially if found in the early stages. Our team of cancer surgeons focuses on eliminating cancer and taking care of the function of the nerves, organs, and tissues surrounding it. The treatment involves surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and targeted therapy; a single pr combination can be part of the treatment plan. 

  • Soft Tissue & Bone Tumours

Soft Tissue and Bone Tumor Cancers may spread to other parts of the body. These are known as sarcomas. The symptoms can include swelling near the affected bone, bone fatigue, a lump or swelling that may cause pain near the nerve or muscle. The treatment involves surgery in which the tumor is removed to treat cancer. Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, and radiofrequency ablation are other treatment methods. 

  • Thoracic Surgical oncology

Thoracic surgery oncology refers to operations on organs in the chest, namely, the heart, lunch, and esophagus. The surgery involves the treatment of cancer through procedures depending upon the organ. Coronary artery bypass surgery, heart transplant, lung transplant, removal of lumps are examples of thoracic surgical oncology.

  • Palliative surgery

Palliative surgery is performed to make the painful symptoms of a patient less severe. It aims at making the patient’s quality of life better despite a negligible impact on the patient’s survival. The surgery is undertaken to control the pain, surgical reconstruction, control hemorrhage/tumor/discharge, and other distressing symptoms that cannot be cured using medications, etc. In addition, palliative surgery is used to treat cancer at advanced stages to relieve discomfort.

  • Supportive surgery

Supportive surgery is more or less similar to palliative surgery. In addition, supportive surgery is done to make other cancer treatments work effectively. One example of using supportive surgery is using the insertion of a catheter to help patients with chemotherapy.

  • Colorectal cancer surgery

Colorectal cancer surgery is undertaken to treat colon cancer. Colorectal cancer surgery can be done by removing parts of the colon or nearby lymph nodes if required. In the early stage of colon cancer, most polyps can be removed using colonoscopy.

  • Esophageal cancer surgery

Esophageal cancer forms inside the esophagus. The esophagus is about 10 inches that carry food and drink from mouth to stomach. Cancer can develop when cells in the esophagus lining begin to grow, and they start to divide abnormally, which leads to the formation of a tumor. In esophageal surgery, this tumor is shrunk and then removed. 

  • Uterine & Cervical Cancer

Uterine and cervical cancer occur in the reproductive organs. These can occur due to a sexually transmitted infection. Surgery is performed to remove the tumor. If cancer has spread to other organs, the organs are removed altogether depending upon the required treatment.  

What makes Shantiraj better than other Cancer hospitals in Udaipur is the sheer dedication of our team of surgeons. Your search for Cancer specialist in Rajasthan ends at Shantiraj hospital.

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