Happy Lady going home!!

Happy Lady going home!!

A god loving, charming lady from Jaipur came with full enthusiasm to start a Weight Loss journey again… but this time with Bariatric Surgery!!

As she tried all possible means, which every obese person does to reduce weight, unfortunately she was unsuccessful in her attempts, but was not disheartened.

She found an example of family friend Mr.Naresh Gupta who lost 38 kgs, reversed his diabetic status in last six months after undergoing Bariatric Surgery (Minigastric Bypass).

So Mrs.Ranjana Pareek decided to undergo Bariatric surgery to get rid of her Morbid Obesity along with weight of 125 kgs, 53 BMI & Type II Diabetes!
On Post operative 4th day she lost 4 Kgs
With normal blood sugar levels, on clear liquid diet! Moving around happily 😊.

I wish her excellent weight loss journey! I want her and every bariatric patient to follow regular exercise, diet regimen to remain healthy and set an example for other people who are morbidly obese!!

Dr.Sapan Jain
Bariatric, Laparoscopic, GI Surgeon

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