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40th Year Of Surgical Excellence

40th Year Of Surgical Excellence!

Founded in 1981 by Dr. Ashok Jain, Shantiraj Hospital has come a long way. They recently completed their 40 years on 26th January 2021. Dr. Ashok Jain is a cancer specialist and has been known for his successful surgeries. Dr. Sapan Jain his son followed the trend and became a specialist in Bariatric surgery. Now Shantiraj Hospital is a well known name in the world of bariatric surgery and is treating the obesity problem in thousands of patients every year. With more than 13500 surgeries done till date and a qualified and highly experienced team of 50 plus doctors Shantiraj Hospital is making the world a happy place every day! Kudos to Dr. Ashok Jain, Dr. Sapan Jain and team.

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